CUBEX MiniPlus


CUBEX MiniPlus is a comprehensive solution for Department of Health* compliant, dispensing and management of controlled substances within the veterinary practice. With 3.5 times the storage capacity of CUBEX Mini, CUBEX MiniPlus has enough space for both active and back stock of critical medications, allowing customers to stock up on items that are frequently on backorder.

In just seconds, your staff can access the medications your patients need and have all transactions automatically recorded, without fumbling with keys or manual logbooks. Fingerprint ID for every transaction assures accountability, and reports are generated on demand while bi-directional connectivity with your practice software minimizes missed charges.

*See description.


  • Worry-free, Department of Health compliant narcotics storage (Contact Therian for compliance for your state)

  • Fully automated inventory and logs

  • Greatly reduced risk of infractions from controlled substances audit

  • Compact, freestanding footprint – no counterspace required

  • Increased charge capture and billing accountability

  • Separate sections for storage of both active stock and back stock of controlled substances

  • Fingerprint ID for rapid access and accountability

  • Cloud back-up of all data necessary for full government compliance

  • Bi-directional integration with AviMark, Impromed Infinity and IDEXX Cornerstone

  • Reports available on demand

  • Reduced time searching and managing inventory

  • Quick-access Matrix Drawers or high-security CUBIE drawers for the ultimate in customisation

CUBEX Tower 149.6cm H x 48.27cm W x 46.7cm D