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Mason Modular Double Deck

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Need room to grow, but you’re limited on space? Just look up…


Maximise revenue-producing capacity without compromising quality!

Need room to grow, but you’re limited on space? Just look up… to Mason’s patented Modular 2-Story Double Deck™ Kennels (6021739 & #6568350), the ultimate space problem-solver! Our exclusive design builds up to allow for additional runs, which results in additional revenue without expanding the building! All patented Double Deck runs are full height and provide easy walk-in access for dogs and handlers, so revenue-producing capacity is maximised without compromising quality.

Engineered for flexibility, Mason’s Double Deck Kennels can conform to a wide range of building dimensions, making it possible to install double deck runs in rooms as narrow as 4267mm (14’) with only 3658mm (12’) of interior head room. The Double Deck comes with a complete plumbing and drainage system for the upper level and aisles. Stairways provided by others can be positioned in a variety of locations.

Choose from our Back-to-Back or Single-Row Double Deck System. Double Deck runs are available with any of Mason Company’s side panels, stainless steel or chainlink gates, and accessories, including optional swing-up rest benches.

Kennel Components

Mason Modular Double Deck

The building components to this System are similar to the Mason Sani-Kennel – giving you the ultimate design flexibility when creating your ideal kennel system.

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