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Mason’s Sani-Kennel system is a fully customisable modular kennel design. With years of refinement, Mason can offer you and your kennel personalised design to fit your individual and specific needs.

To begin this process, follow the tabs below and begin to build your own specific kennel.

Select Panel Choices – Gate Choices – Accessories to view all the information on the Mason Sani-Kennel, and to begin your selection.

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Designed to look great with the comfort, safety and health of the animals as the top priority.

Midmark Mason’s Sani-Kennel system is a fully customisable modular kennel design.

  • Patented Sani-Slope (#6152080) combined with the patented Silvis Seal (#8707903) provides both superior floor mounting AND leveling.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Maintain an effective air flow.
  • Utilises existing floors.
  • Built around the best and broadest panel system in the industry.
  • Customised design to fit your individual and specific needs.
  • Designed for a variety of environments, from animal shelters to pet resorts to animal hospitals to military operations.
  • Free design assistance, price quotations and computerised layouts.
  • Panels can be easily and quickly levelled to match the floor’s slope versus competitors who cut the panels to match the slope.

Midmark Mason offers a large selection of materials for side panels. Additionally, Midmark Mason can design an unlimited number of gate styles with the widest selection of material choices in the industry.

Four simple steps to customise your Midmark Mason Sani-Kennel:

Step 1: Choose your Division Panel Type

  • FRP Panel (most popular)
  • Stainless Steel Panel
  • Wilsonart Panel
  • Chainlink Panel
  • Wire Mesh

Step 2: Choose your Gate Material

  • Stainless Steel Welded Wire (most popular)
  • Tempered Glass
  • Chainlink
  • Any combination with or without isolation in the gate

Step 3: Choose your Gate Style

  • Swing Gate (most popular)
  • Slide Gate
  • Dutch Door

Step 4: Choose your Accessories

  • Transfer Doors
  • Rest Benches
  • Gutter Covers
  • Top Covers
  • Raised Floors
  • Arched / Decorative Gate Tops
  • Feeding & Water Bowls


Mason Sani-Kennel

Designed with the comfort, safety and health of the animals as the top priority, Mason’s Sani-Kennel system is a fully customisable modular kennel system.

Mason Silvis Seal™

See how Mason Company’s patented Silvis Seal™ system creates the ultimate watertight, reliable and long-term seal that stops fluid and contaminants from migrating between kennel enclosures, providing an entirely new approach to prevent cross-contamination between runs.

  • Patented Design available only from Mason Company.
  • Provides the ultimate water tight seal underneath division panels.
  • Conforms to the contours and imperfections of your floor.
  • Adds a secondary layer against cross contamination that is more than just silcone sealant.
  • Is not affected by harsh cleaning chemicals such as chlorine bleach and ammonia.
  • Designed to withstand the pressures associated with power wash cleaning systems.
  • As always, custom sized to fit the design of your kennel system.

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1 review for Mason Sani-Kennel

  1. Kylie Mackay

    Mason Product Experience
    We purchased our business in late 2009, which had many aspects of it that needed upgrading as soon as practicable. After contacting Gavin from Therian, he was able to provide us with all of the information we needed about the various options that were available to us, and based on the superior design, we decided to install the Mason Sani-Kennel system.
    Aside from its durability, we benefited from the fact that it was able to be fully customised to suit the area that we needed filled, which was essential for us to be able to get the most use out of the space whilst ensure that it is presented professionally.
    From a practical point of view, we find them extremely easy to clean and maintain, unlike brickwork or FC sheeting that would require painting and constant upkeep. From an aesthetics point of view, they look fantastic and they can be designed in all different colours and patterns and with all different styles of gates. We get excellent feedback from our clients regarding the style of our rooms.
    10 years on, we had the need to expand and after exploring many different options, decided on the Mason system again for several reasons:
    1. By negating the need for heavy blockwork to build the internals, we saved on the cost of our suspended slab and footings, as the Mason kennel system is lightweight in comparison,
    2. We were able to make the rooms bigger by cutting out the area that would have been needed for blocks and instead using the compact system that the Mason product offers,
    3. The Mason panels were made to fit our space so that we could utilise as much room as possible, and
    4. The panels were also made to match our flooring slope so that everything fits neatly and looks professional when finished.

    Therian Experience
    Gavin and his team have always provided us with professional advice, and we found Gavin’s personal industry experience to be invaluable to us during our building process. We have many different restrictions and requirements to meet during this project, and Gavin was always readily available to offer consultation in all areas of kennel design and construction. He was able to liaise directly with our builder to overcome the many hurdles that presented during the process, and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.
    They also offer a great range of other products, all of which we have found to be of the highest quality. They are long lasting and easy to maintain, and we have found them to be superior in comparison to other industry products.

    Kind Regards,
    Kylie Mackay
    Director – Northshore Pet Resort
    Standard Dog Guest Rooms Dog Resort Rooms Dog Resort Rooms

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