Midmark Stainless Steel Kennels

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The Kennel System comes with a choice of 1524mm or 1829mm lengths and may include a mix of 914mm and 1219mm wide units. All runs are 1829mm high without the floor frame. With frame included it will add 2743mm to 3048mm to the height. The design of the Kennel System allows for disassembly.

Unique Features of the Midmark Stainless Steel Kennels

Midmark Stainless Steel Kennels runs will last the life time of your clinic, with design features that come from years of refinement.

  • Stainless steel door hinges mounted on top and bottom – not on the side
  • 25mm stainless steel square tubing
  • 10mm diameter stainless steel rods, most kennel run manufacturers use 6 or 8mm rod
  • Isolation panels are constructed of 22 gauge, 304 stainless steel sheets
  • 25mm solid cell insulation between panels Impermeable to liquids and formed edges for tight seal
  • 102mm of visual isolation
  • Angled latch handles are pre-drilled for use of a lock
  • Stainless steel doors are reversible
  • Your choice of standard door, sliding door, sliding glass door or hinged door

Unique Features


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