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Olympic Fold-up Gurney

The extra gurney and treatment table that folds and stores in seconds when not in use. Interchangeable hard and soft stretchers for transport and procedures. 90kg capacity.

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Fold-Up Gurney

Saves space. 90kg capacity. 2 Lift-off stretchers.

Ideal for clinics with limited space Moves patients in tight spaces and then folds up and stores out of the way.

An “extra” gurney and treatment table Also can be converted to a temporary exam-treatment table using the Hard Stretcher top.

Very lightweight and strong Weighs only 12kg, but can safely carry 90kg dogs. Strong airplane construction with welded joints.

Unfolds and folds in seconds To unfold, just spread the sides apart and an automatic safety lock holds it open. To close for storage, release safety lock and push the sides together.

Outdoor emergency use Rolls smoothly on rough pavement. Removable stretcher makes moving injured animals safer, easier.

Prevents back injuries Using the stretcher tops, even the heaviest patients can be transferred to tables, cages, or the floor without back injury.

Safer for patients Heavy patients are transferred on a stretcher, not hand carried. Less traumatic and more comfortable for patients.

Safety Lock and Release When cart is folded or unfolded, this lock holds it securly in position.

Interchangeable Olympic gurneys include 2 interchangeable stretcher tops. Stretchers can be easily lifted off, but are held securely by 4 posts.

Rolls easily, turns quickly Two hand grips at both ends of gurney for easy steering in tight spaces. Large 5″ casters roll smoothly. All casters lock.

A great labour saver Just one person can safely roll a heavy dog down narrow hallways, turn tight corners, and move between crowded exam rooms, x-ray, surgery and recovery areas.

2 Models Economy model of the Fold-Up comes with Soft Stretcher top. Standard model has 2 tops – a Soft and a Hard Stretcher.

Dimensions Footprint: Unfolded: 54″L x 18″W x 34″H. Folded: 54″L x 8″W.

3-year Warranty All parts, except parts subject to normal wear, like fabric, casters, etc.

Soft Stretcher – Plastic fabric is medical-grade Herculite® Wipes clean. X-ray transparent. 2 Velcro straps.

Hard Stretcher – For exams and treatments. Moulded of rigid, reinforced polymer. Non-slip surface. Wipes clean.




  • 50602 – Olympic Fold-Up Gurney™ with Soft Stretcher
  • 50604 – Olympic Fold-Up Gurney™ complete with Soft and Hard Stretchers


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