• The Therian Cat Condo has been in the marketplace since 2006, developed and built in Australia by Therian. Backed by years of research and product development, they have been designed with the help of Cat Behavourists and meet all the stringent Australian and International Standards of Care for feline housing. Our unique ventilation system ensures their health and well being whilst in your care.
    All Therian Cat Condo's meet the Gold Standard of ISFM for up to 24 hour care, with Model's 4, 5 and 6 meeting the Gold Standard for over a 24 hour stay.
    Unique ventilation systems where every cat receives 8-12 air changes per hour, regulates temperature and prevents the spread of air borne bacteria and disease. Cats need clean air and the glass front doors come with an active ventilation fan system and a hidden vent chase to pull the stale air out and bring fresh air in.
    Therian Condos can be ordered with different finishes. They are customisable to complement with the interior of your facility, set you apart from others and allow your practice to have that unique shine.  
    To assist you and your facility, Therian Cat Condos are completely customisable to suit your needs and wants - from the materials on the cabinet, to the door and its locks.
  • The Fiberglass Cat Condos offer easy cleanup and are unaffected by harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach and ammonia. Mason Company's Fiberglass Cat Condo was developed in response to research that a five-foot-wide unit with a central divider reduces stress for cats. Designed to meetĀ theĀ "Association of Shelter Veterinarians" guidelines, the unit is 1630mm overall width outside and about 1480mm wide inside with a removable divider to separate litter from the living and sleeping area.
  • Mason Company's new Fiberglass Cat Suite has been designed around best practices as identified by universities and shelter veterinarians to minimize stress for cats. The unit is 1630mm wide and includes a 920mm living space and either a 920mm or 720mm litter space. The Fiberglass Cat Suites offer easy cleanup and are unaffected by harsh chemicals such as accelerated hydrogen peroxide and Quaternary ammonia.


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