• Mason's Sani-Kennel system is a fully customisable modular kennel design. With years of refinement, Mason can offer you and your kennel personalised design to fit your individual and specific needs. To begin this process, follow the tabs below and begin to build your own specific kennel. Select Panel Choices - Gate Choices - Accessories to view all the information on the Mason Sani-Kennel, and to begin your selection.
  • Maximise Your Space and Increase Your Bottom Line
    Mason Company’s innovative Space Saver Folding Kennels provide the ultimate flexibility in room configurations as it offers an overflow option for boarding, dogs can be isolated as needed or the system can fold up quickly to change the usage of the space. These collapsible kennels are perfect and veterinarians with boarding who want to customise doggie daycare space to maximise space and increase the bottom line.
  • Made with Mason’s incomparable quality and workmanship, our chain link runs offer flexibility and value. Available as stand-alone units or connecting multiple runs, their modular construction allows you to build enclosures of nearly any size and configuration.


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