Lift Tables

  • The Electric Lift is the lowest profile table available. This table eliminates the strenuous lifting of patients and creates smooth adjustments to benefit the hospital and patient’s needs. The Electric Lift delivers functions designed for a mutually beneficial patient care experience:
  • The Exam Table with Adjustable Electric Column is a low-profile height adjusting table that is controlled with the touch of a foot. The feet of the exam table provide an anti-slip grip and are capable of being individually adjusted for uneven floors. This table is great for many varieties of patient care.
  • Folding Lift Table is a convenient table for your clinic functionality. The table utilises a powerful and reliable electric drive and is capable of lifting up to 102kg. The table can be folded up at any height to allow quick and ready clinic space. The Folding Lift Table is designed for range of motion and prime functionality for patient care.