Therian proudly distributes LED Lighting from two of the worlds largest medical lighting manufacturers

Dr Mach was founded in 1948 by the engineer Walter Mach and the manager Hans Dufter in Germany. The company name refers to the physician Dr. Ludwig Mach, an uncle of Walter Mach. Since its first days the company focuses on the usage of lighting technology for medical applications.  Dr Mach is a family owned and financially independent company who sells their products to more than 80 countries.

Proudly made and manufactured in Australia, the Planet Lighting design tradition heralds back to the early 1900s, when founder WA Iggulden set up Bentley Mfg Co in Melbourne to produce building tools to patented designs. Since the 1930s Planet has been manufacturing lights, including the iconic Australian classic, the Studio K desk lamp. Today, we are one of the leading Australian suppliers of Medical & Surgical lights, LED and custom lighting solutions and are uniquely placed to provide the expertise and know-how required to work with lighting designers and specifiers to realise creative custom lighting ideas and concept.

We offer a range of LED lights for Examination, Procedure and Surgery Lighting.  Click below to see our range:


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