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Project Development

The early stages of planning lay the groundwork for every successful animal architecture project.

  • Therian specialises in conceptual animal facility design, master planning, and all high-level preliminary design
  • We are familiar with applicable standards and codes of practice that inform animal facilities of all types
  • We have a vast track record of approved applications

Explore our four-stage project development process below.

Therian’s Four-Stage Process

In the concept design stage, Therian develops a Building Program and Site Analysis report and initial concept designs for each building.

Our team will visit the site and the client’s offices, and analyse the building site so that we can gather information from the client about their design ideas, budget, and housing needs to develop a detailed “program”; a written statement of your needs and design goals.

We then come up with key concepts and rough sketches showing the size, general layout, and appearance of the buildings and how they all fit into the building site. Multiple options may be presented, depending on the outcome of our site visits.

It is critical that you communicate clearly to Therian what is important to you in the design as it is this stage which determines the overall concept going forward for the project in subsequent stages.

The following tasks will be completed in this stage:

  • Determine the Brief with a meeting with key stakeholders
  • Ascertain the vision for the project, explore floor plan and elevation options, and determine scope of services being offered
  • Pre-design site analysis
  • Concept design briefing session with the client
  • Review planning controls for compliance requirements
  • Identify constraints and opportunities
  • Begin concept design work and prepare conceptual design drawings for the building floor plans and site plan
  • Issue drawings to our client for review

In the planning permit design and submission stage, Therian manages a team of specialist consultants to prepare all reports and drawings required to be submitted to your local Council.

This is usually based upon the outcome of the pre-lodgement meeting with your local Council.

Therian also prepares more detailed architectural site plans, floor plans, elevations and sections across the site and collaborates with the specialist consultants and the town planner to ensure that all requirements requested by your local Council are included.

The following major tasks will be completed in this stage:

  • Provide preliminary advice on compliance withNational Construction Code (NCC)of Australia (formerly the BCA) and offer solutions to comply with the NCC
  • Liaise and Project Manage the Town Planner and other specialist consultants during this planning permit stage to ensure all of your local Council development application requirements are met
  • Prepare the following Architectural Documents:
    • All Site and Building Plans at a scale not less than 1:200
    • Development Plans showing the proposed developments at a scale not less than 1:100
    • Graphical 3D representation (compatible with Autodesk Revit) of proposed development frontage for all buildings
    • Provide details in document format for inclusion into the Planning Application document
  • Complete Planning Permit Application with your local Council

Following receipt of a Planning Permit by your local Council, Therian will commence detailed Construction Architectural Design.

We will also engage Engineering consultants (Civil, Structural, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical) and other construction documentation consultants (Building Certifier, BCA Energy Assessment, Wastewater, etc.) for the completion of Construction Documentation for your project.

At the completion of the Construction Documentation stage, Therian will prepare a detailed Tender Documentation package which will be issued to suitably qualified builders capable to perform the construction of your project.

Therian will manage the tender process in an open and transparent manner to ensure that our client obtains the best value for money offer and makes an informed decision on the successful builder to complete the construction of their project.

Therian’s focus is to create exceptional value on all client projects. Our aim is to exceed clients’ objectives, whilst still managing the requirements of all other project stakeholders.

All projects we manage are defined by an excellent understanding of leadership, politics and delegation, as well as cohesive team effort brought about by Therian’s culture of flexibility and ‘can-do’ approach.