Who We Help

Therian respects our clients and the animals in their care, and will help you plan, develop, and bring to life every facet of pet care and health.

  • From pet facility design and planning permits to architectural drawings and construction
  • We’ll meet your needs as well as all relevant legislation and required permits
  • Ensure comfort and safety for your staff and all the animals you care for
  • We design for refurbishments, fit-outs, expansions, and new sites

Therian’s animal architecture specialists work with all types of pet facilities, creating customised solutions that meet the needs of animals, those who provide care, and the people coming through the doors.

Exceptional knowledge coupled with a wealth of experience in the pet architecture industry ensures Therian creates a solution that not only meets your specific needs, but also promotes and enhances the overall wellbeing of animals.

Explore some of the most popular types of facilities we can design and develop for you – our client.

Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals

Vet clinics and hospitals benefit from Therian’s thorough concept design, architectural drawings, and construction documentation to create a space that enhances the overall health and safety of the animals in your care.

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Pet Resorts

Therian has designed and constructed more than 200 resort and daycare facilities in Australia. Our innovation focuses on comfortable and safe spaces including accommodation, grooming centres, and indoor and outdoor play areas.

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Animal Pounds and Shelters

We help council pounds and not-for-profit animal shelters create safe and enriching environments for staff as well as the animals that are being cared for. Our architectural design services focus on animal welfare and operational requirements.

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Other Animal Facilities

With a strong history and many years of experience, the Therian team has extensive knowledge in various specialised projects including zoos and animal breeding facilities.

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Building Design Professionals

Our team is pleased to offers its design expertise to design and construction professionals in the industry. Services include consultation, design, and fit-out.

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Combining practicality, aesthetic, and safety, we are proud to offer animal facility design and architectural solutions for a variety of animal spaces.

With a working knowledge of animal care facilities, our simple stage-by-stage process ensures that together, we grow your business and reach your goals.

Our commitment to innovation and passion for excellence flows through every step, resulting in great designs that are fresh, modern and appealing, but most of all yours: designed with you, delivered for you and enjoyed by you.