Animal Pounds and Shelters

Animal shelters are sanctuaries where all kinds of animals receive critical care, recover from abuse, and find their forever home.

  • Therian works with council pounds and not-for-profit shelters
  • We help you create temporary homes for companion animals
  • Our solutions are tailored to community needs
  • We are experienced shelter and pound design architects

As a full-service animal facility design and architecture firm, Therian is fully qualified to be your design team leader from preliminary needs assessment consultation through concept and detailed design, and as your representative during construction.

Animal Shelter Design Plans

Therian evaluates and models historical intake numbers with holding capacities, length of stay and other key metrics to help you understand how they impact total required animal housing counts.

Through our experience, our animal shelter design plans help determine the right size for your shelter based on the population you are serving.

You have three key targets to consider when deciding how large a pound or shelter should be:


Animals’ physical and emotional needs must be protected and nurtured in shelters. Our pet facility designs ensure that animals will benefit from:

  • Quiet, stress-free spaces for timid animals
  • Ventilation in indoor spaces
  • Outdoor exercise areas
  • Play areas
  • Medical treatment facilities

Volunteers and Vets

Well thought-out designs improve efficiency and workflow throughout these often busy spaces.

Whether that’s in grooming, medical care, or during exercise, volunteers and vets will value a well-designed space while they are at work.

Visitors and the Public

Prospective adopters should be welcomed to a pleasant space.

Room permitting, you might also consider meeting rooms for seminars or information sessions for visitors.

Animal Pound and Shelter Project Types

Not-for-profit Animal Shelters

Therian’s goal is to create positive, healthy, and motivating environments for not only the animals taken into shelters, but the vets, volunteers, and general public who engage with these animals daily.

With particular regard to animal behaviour and demeanour, our spaces are designed to reduce stress and improve comfort, good health, and safety for all.

Council Animal Pounds

With public perception of animal welfare on the rise, local government agencies are under increasing pressure to ensure that both facilities and operations meet public expectations in terms of animal welfare and management.

Therian understands these expectations and has worked with a large group of councils completing:

  • Feasibility assessments
  • Needs assessments
  • Town planning
  • Construction documentation
  • Project management

Rescue Groups

We understand that many rescue organisations do not receive government funding and therefore rely on generous donations to continue their great work.

Our solutions are designed to not only enhance the safety and comfort of animals, but to also enhance pride and commitment among volunteers and donors whose support keeps these groups running.

In addition, we understand how important presenting all adoptable animals are to rescue groups, along with the necessary interactions with foster carers in the process.

Other Animal Not-for-profit Clients

Therian has worked for many other animal not-for-profit organisations, including:

  • Guide Dogs
  • Seeing Eye Dogs
  • Assistance Dogs Australia
  • Zoos

Thanks to our thorough understanding of the animal industry, animal welfare issues and specific operational requirements required by these organisations, Therian is uniquely placed to provide full animal shelter design and architectural services.