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Business owners and operators may choose to retain Therian as subject matter experts to assist with early project planning and development, and as a supporting design consultant when Therian is not providing full architectural design services.  By utilizing Therian as a subject matter expert, we are able to liaise with the primary architect or building designer to provide design direction specific to the animal care aspects of the design.

For other Building Design Professionals, Therian can provide consultation on the specialty aspects of animal facility design.  From preliminary planning through specialty equipment specification, layout, and complete fit-out design, Therian can provide support as needed.

A feasibility assessment is the first step in creating a development plan.  For council pounds or not-for-profit shelters, we can calculate required kennel capacity based on historical numbers of animals served or target annual numbers of animals anticipated.  We then translate the kennel capacity into a required facility size.  For veterinarians, we can build a space listing and estimated clinic size based on services to be provided and number of veterinarians on staff.  Alternatively, we can evaluate existing sites or lease opportunities to illustrate exactly what can fit within the site constraints under consideration.  Therian can help ensure that any location you are considering will work for your immediate and long-term needs.

By listening carefully to your goals and needs, we can gather all of the information available and create a document that will guide the development of your project as you move forward.  The project briefing is inclusive of the feasibility study, but expands beyond simple number-crunching to document many other specific features or qualities to memorialize the vision for the project.  The project briefing is not only a road map to set the project in the initial direction, but also will be a reference throughout the design process to check against and confirm design decisions.

For building owners that are already working with another architect, Therian can peer review your design and advise on specific areas critical to the operation of an animal care facility.  At the early stages of design, the peer review may include items such as proper traffic flow, adjacencies and appropriate room sizes.  At the later stages of design, we can review material selections for durability, ventilation, drainage, and higher level of technical issues depending on the scope of review requested and the level of information available for review.

Therian understands the business of animal care.  Whatever your question, our experts are available to help.  We can tailor a specific scope of services for your situation, or work on an hourly consultation basis if needed to give you the guidance you need.  Whether building planning related, materials, equipment, or just the entire process, please contact us to see how we can help you from initial conception through to final move-in and beyond.