Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals

As architects that specialise exclusively in the pet industry, Therian can guide you to design solutions that will maximise your ability to deliver quality care efficiently.

  • We understand the business of veterinary medicine
  • Projects include new sites, refurbishments, expansions, and fit-outs
  • We work with all types of veterinary clinics and hospitals
  • We create sustainable vet design ideas that enhance the way you work

Beyond just business, we understand the technical standards of care and how they relate to your facility. Our specialised veterinary clinic design plans and architectural knowledge means you don’t have to educate an inexperienced designer!

Therian’s animal facility designs will save you time during the design and build process, and deliver a vet clinic or hospital that will operate efficiently for years to come.

No project is too large or too small to benefit from our vet design ideas, expertise, and consultancy.

Veterinary Project Types

General Practices

Therian is committed to helping small, neighbourhood general vet clinics with more innovative and efficient solutions.

Whether it’s refurbishing an existing clinic or designing a new build of up to 800m2, Therian will design and develop first-class vet facilities that improve workplace efficiency, safety, and comfort.

We have also worked with various smaller builds as to ensure our vet design ideas make the most of a smaller footprint, size doesn’t matter.

Specialty Referral and Emergency Hospitals

With comfort and safety at the forefront of our designs, Therian has extensive experience designing and constructing specialised animal hospitals and emergency centres.

Special considerations in these spaces are required to improve your working day. With the greatest of ease and functionality, emergency hospitals vastly benefit from specialist pet facility design knowledge from Therian.

Equine and Large Animal Hospitals

Therian recognises that these specialised hospitals must respect the power and psychology of large animals.

Assessment spaces, surgical facilities, and recovery rooms are designed specifically with larger animals like horses in mind.

Specialist veterinary clinic architecture and design ensures the comfort and safety of your vets and surgeons as well as the powerful animals in their care, allowing them to perform their job at their greatest possible efficiency.

University Teaching Hospitals

Animal and veterinary science students are immersed in the industry and experience hands-on training at high-quality facilities during their studies.

Therian plays an important role in advancing education, creating industry-standard facilities for universities and colleges across Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

Our animal architecture experts work across Australia and Asia Pacific, offering animal care facilities that take into consideration each important facet of your clinic:

  • Animal management
  • Staff utilisation
  • Human and animal flow
  • Room efficiency
  • Animal housing