Pet Resorts & Daycare

Therian has been the leader in the design of animal boarding, pet resorts, catteries, and dog daycare centres for more than 20 years.

  • 200+ completed projects across Australia, New Zealand & South East Asia
  • Animal boarding kennel design ideas create a solution that works
  • We consider you, your clientele, and the animals they entrust to your care
  • No project is too big or too small in this emerging trend

Comfort is a key consideration for pet resorts and other kinds of pet accommodation spaces including boarding kennels and catteries.

Our dog kennel plans and designs are underpinned by our team’s wealth of experience within the animal care industry – allowing your young idea for a pet resort facility to gracefully blossom.

We work with all types of pet resort and daycare centre projects including:

  • New sites
  • Refurbishments
  • Expansions
  • Internal fit-outs

An emerging trend, high-end pet resorts focus on providing enriching, personalised care to meet the demands of today’s pet owner. Explore some of our project types below.

Pet Resort and Daycare Project Types

Family Run Boarding Kennels

The heart of the pet boarding industry has always been the smaller neighborhood kennels and catteries owned and operated by families.

Therian is committed to helping families succeed with their own small business; after all, Therian has been a family owned and operated business since our inception in 2003.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Gavin, grew up working in his childhood at his parents boarding kennels, so he has first hand experience in how difficult these businesses can be to not just own, but also operate on a daily basis.

Our aim is to innovative and establish more efficient ways to complete those everyday tasks your business completes, so that you can discover the benefits from years of hard work.

Dedicated Single-Species Pet Resorts

Client demands for higher end facilities are on the rise. As a result, there has been a shift around the world to single-species facilities (for example dog or cat only).

Therian recognises this trend along with client expectations to ensure that the dog resorts or catteries we design cater to this high-demand client.

We regularly tour the world attending conferences and visiting new facilities to immerse ourselves in the latest trends. This allows us to guide our clients with examples of what has and has not worked globally.

Dog Daycare Centres

Dog daycare centres are a popular option for clients who want to ensure their dog is provided with enriching care and training whilst they lead busy working lives.

The number of services that dog daycare operators offer is only limited by the imagination, including:

  • Dog activities
  • Exercise programs
  • Grooming and “day spas”
  • Playtime areas
  • Puppy school

Therian recognises this thriving trend and ensures that our dog kennel designs cater for the ever-changing programs that operators implement over the life of the facility.

Large Scale Pet Resorts offering multiple services

Since 2000, Therian has been engaged by most of the large pet resort operators across Australia and New Zealand.

We push the boundaries with our pet and dog kennel designs, the services these facilities offer, and the level of “luxury” these resorts present to their clients.

We have strong working relationships with some of the worlds largest architectural firms who specialise in animal facility design, along with access to the world’s most experienced and trusted animal product suppliers.

Coupled with our in-house expertise in these large scale multi-service facilities, we ensure our large pet resort clients obtain the most efficient and impressive facilities.

Examples of additional services resorts offer include:

  • Dog daycare
  • Grooming
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exotic animals
  • Pocket pets
  • Dog training
  • Dog agility
  • Luxury suites

Therian has designed for more than 30 different types of pet services, so no matter your needs, we have the knowledge and understanding to confidently ensure we exceed your expectations.