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The Therian Cat Condo has been in the marketplace since 2006, developed and built in Australia by Therian. Backed by years of research and product development, they have been designed with the help of Cat Behavourists and meet all the stringent Australian and International Standards of Care for feline housing. Our unique ventilation system ensures their health and well being whilst in your care.

All Therian Cat Condo’s meet the Gold Standard of ISFM for up to 24 hour care, with Model’s 4, 5 and 6 meeting the Gold Standard for over a 24 hour stay.

Unique ventilation systems where every cat receives 8-12 air changes per hour, regulates temperature and prevents the spread of air borne bacteria and disease.

Cats need clean air and the glass front doors come with an active ventilation fan system and a hidden vent chase to pull the stale air out and bring fresh air in.

Therian Condos can be ordered with different finishes. They are customisable to complement with the interior of your facility, set you apart from others and allow your practice to have that unique shine.


To assist you and your facility, Therian Cat Condos are completely customisable to suit your needs and wants – from the materials on the cabinet, to the door and its locks.

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Specifically designed to meet the needs of Pet Resorts, Animal Shelters and all Veterinary applications, they safeguard return on your investment and the ability to protect both the feline in your care and your staff. Standard features include a ventilation system to extract all air borne diseases and odours, resting shelves and a privacy area for litter. The Therian Ventilated Cat Condo is the ultimate in comfort and functional design.

Standard Features Optional Features
  • Laminate finish condo doors.

  • Tempered Glass Doors.

  • Sealed Corners.

  • Built-in feeding/watering ledge.

  • Resting Ledge.

  • Litter Area privacy panel.

  • Intergrated ventilation ductwork (Ready for connection to external exhaust system).

  • Stainless steel wire grid door mesh.

  • Laminate finish side, end or rear panels.

  • Additional portholes for interconnecting condos together (top to bottom and side to side).

  • External ventilation system including fan(s) and ducting.

  • Rear window in condo or playtime module.

  • Matching storage closet.

  • Corner unit conversion trim kit.

  • Luxury play top.

  • Litter pan.

  • Sleeping quarters.

  • Adjustable legs.

  • Intravenous fliud tube (IV) cutouts in doors for veterinary recovery condos.

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ISFM Standard

We are proud to announce that all our Condo’s are awarded the ISFM Gold Standard for under 24 hour care, and Model 5 and 6 awarded the Gold Standard for over 24 Hour Care.

ISFM Standard Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4 Model 5 Model 6
Gold (< 24 Hours)
Gold (> 24 Hours) —- —- —-

Developed and Manufactured by Therian here in Australia!


At Therian, we understand that our clients want to put that unique touch into every single room. With our Condo’s, we can give you the option to do exactly that.

Colour Disclaimer: Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently. We try to edit our photos to show the samples as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product. 

Condo Finishes

Standard Condo Material Specifications Condo Material Upgrade Specification
Our standard material of choice for our Cat Condos is the Hospital Grade Melamine, with heavy duty properties to allow for easy cleaning and high durability.

Other Standard Features:

  • 16mm heat treated melamine coated casing.
  • Shelving and horizontal support, hospital grade melamine.
  • Special purpose epoxy sealant for all joints
  • 50mm PVC Ventilation Pipe
This is an option where we upgrade the material of the Condo to Non Organic PVC thermoplastic.

  • Water Resistant Design
  • Ideal for extensive cleaning processes and constant use (Such as life in an Animal Shelter or Pound)

Tempered Glass Stainless Steel Doors

Installed Units Mobile Units

Push Button Key Lock



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