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We turn 24% of all chats into new client appointment requests

icon 9:17pm
Hi there, my name is Grace, thank you for contacting Kontak. How can I help you?
Could I please have the earliest appointment you have available tomorrow?
icon 9:18pm
The earliest possible time for an appointment tomorrow is at 07:00 am. Does this time work for you?
That sounds great. Thank you so much.
icon 9:19pm
My pleasure. Is there anything else I can help you with?


We added $110,000 in new client lifetime value this year.
The biggest surprise was the after-hours impact.
Thank you Kontak.

Sarah Pickford
Practice Manager

PawPass an application that:

Informs. Engages. Rewards. Pays. Retains. Complies.

Build and engage your client community.
They will use your services 32% more often.


Create a loyal community

Efficient scheduling

Know your customers

More frequent visits

Friend referrals

Reward your clients

One-touch payments


The last 3 campaigns increased our client visits by  17% resulting
in an additional
75k for our clinic.

Brian Anderson
Practice Manager

What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) ?

It represents the total worth of a customer over the whole period of the business relationship.