LED Medical Examination Lights to Fit Any Veterinary or Healthcare Environment

Key Features of Examination Lights:

  • Use – Examination of wounds and provision of additional light for inserting needles.
  • Light Intensity – A majority of examination lights have light intensities ranging from 20,000Lux to 50,000Lux at 1 metre.
  • Fail Safe Features – Examination lights typically do not have any Fail Safe features as examination lights, which could affect the patient’s safety due to light failure.
  • Shadow Reduction – Examination lights typically only have small light head diameters, from 50mm to approximately 200mm, thus they provide only minimal shadow reduction.
  • Cost – Examination lights need to be cost effective to ensure they can fit in as many places in clinical facilities as possible, for the convenience of clinicians.
  • Power Failure – To ensure surgery continues during a power failure, you may connect it to a suitable emergency power supply.


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