All-Aluminium Kuranda Dog Bed

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Designed to withstand against the toughest pooches with long-lasting, chewproof, high strength aluminium.

Buy in bulk & save! (discount applied once all items are added to the shopping cart). 10-19 beds = 10% discount off each bed. 20+ beds = 15% discount off each bed.

All-Aluminium Kuanda Dog Bed – The Toughest Bed on the Market!

Buy in bulk & save! (discount applied once all items are added to the shopping cart).

  • 5-9 beds = 10% discount off each bed.
  • 10-19 beds = 15% discount off each bed.
  • 20+ beds = 20% discount off each bed.

The Kuranda dog beds are designed to prevent dogs from getting a direct bite on the bed fabric. All frame edges are joined tightly and fabric edges are hidden in between the bed frame, this restrains dogs from chewing at visible edges. Both fabrics are non-breathable making them free of claw and teeth catching holes. The off the floor design provides circulation underneath the bed during summer, and lifts dogs off the cold hard floors during winter.

  • 1 year chew proof warranty – visit our FAQ for further details on our chew proof warranty.
  • High strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium suitable for indoors or out.
  • Firm 4cm wide cylinder frame making it difficult for both small and XX-large dogs to grip their mouth around.
  • Long-lasting, with all bed parts replaceable – never purchase a new bed again!
  • Easy to clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning and high pressure hosing.
  • Supportive, orthopedic, comfortable design.
  • 100% aluminium with anodized aluminium corners.
  • Satin colored aluminium frame to suit our wide range of fabric colours.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Holds up to 114kg.
  • Kuranda Dog Bed Covers can be added to enhance the sense of softness and comfort to the bed.


  • When using the 40oz vinyl fabric please be aware of surrounding moisture in the air. Placing a blanket, bed pad or soft bedding on top of the vinyl may cause the material bedding to hold water. This is particularly shown in states that show dramatic temperature drops and depends on the outdoor temperature compared to indoors. We highly recommend you fit the Ballistic Nylon fabric on your Kuranda bed if this applies to you (manly experienced in Victoria).
  • Chlorine and bleach products, bore water, water with high salt or chlorine levels and areas with high salt levels will cause the aluminium beds to break down/corrode. If any of these are you then the standard beds will suit your business better (standard beds are made for light-medium chewers. Standard bed corners will not hold up to heavy chewing dogs, if you have a heavy chewer we can provide aluminium top corners on your standard beds).

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for further details on our Kuranda beds and Return Policy.



Unsure of your pooches required size? See below our size range for the Kuranda All-Aluminium Dog Bed.

When measuring your dog you MUST ensure your dog is well relaxed and all limbs are spread out. Measure your dog from nose tip to tail and compare this measurement with the bed’s internal length. Then measure your dog from top of head to bottom of paws and compare this measurement with the beds internal width. If you want to ensure your dog can spread out comfortably, add 10cm to the length and width of your dog’s measurements and compare the end measurements to the internal bed size.

SMALL (Measurements are shown as length x width x height)
External: 79 x 51 x 17cm
Internal: 66 x 41 x 17cm

MEDIUM (Measurements are shown as length x width x height)
External: 91 x 59 x 17cm
Internal: 78 x 49 x 17cm

LARGE (Measurements are shown as length x width x height)
External: 103 x 66 x 17cm
Internal: 92 x 56 x 17cm

X-LARGE (Measurements are shown as length x width x height)
External: 113 x 70 x 23cm
Internal: 101 x 60 x 23cm

XX-LARGE (Measurements are shown as length x width x height)
External: 131 x 92 x 23cm
Internal: 119 x 81 x 23cm

Please check measurements carefully before purchase. For assistance, please refer to our below size guide or contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

Help Me With My Bed Size

2 reviews for All-Aluminium Kuranda Dog Bed

  1. Brian

    We tried several different hammock style dog beds for our young German Shepherd and he managed to successfully destroy them all. (Covers ripped, frames damaged from physically throwing them around).
    We finally found the all aluminum Kuranda bed and after 12 months plus, despite some teeth marks/scaring on the aluminum it is still intact and regularly used,(the cover has no damage, the design prevents him from getting his teeth into it and his occasionally ‘digging’ into it has not caused damage. Whilst expensive in comparison with the other beds, certainly it would have been far more economic to purchase the Kuranda bed initially.
    The only disappointment is that we purchased the XL size based upon the merchant ‘s recommendation and have found that the XXL would have been far more suitable.

  2. ella (verified owner)

    These beds are the absolute best. Very easy to clean, don’t smell. My dog absolutely love them. I did buy the canvas cover to go on top and then a cheap blanket and it’s amazing. They do however sweat between the fabric and the canvas pad but I just put a towel between and once a week wash the towel. I got the heavy duty vinyl cover which is breathable if you had no covers on top of them but my dog are abit special 😊

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