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Therian is pleased to offer the Kuranda dog beds to our Australian and New Zealand clients. Kuranda Dog Beds are the only beds made to give soft off the floor comfort and yet be able to withstand daily kennel use. Kuranda beds are made to be comfortable, easy to clean, economical, have replaceable parts, and last for years. First introduced in 1995, Kuranda beds are used in kennels and shelters throughout the U.S. and Canada plus eight other countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and New Zealand. “Chew proof” design: Kuranda beds are made with a sturdy frame which actually prevents dogs from getting a direct bite on the weight supporting fabric.

Are you:

  • Tired of replacing fabrics on your existing beds?

  • Over buying cheap dog beds that simply don’t last?

  • Wanting a comfortable, orthopedically designed bed for your dog?

Then look no further!

  • All-Aluminium Kuranda Dog Bed

    $204.00$321.81 (inc GST)
    This high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum to stand up to the toughest dogs, indoors or out. The satin colored aluminum frame blends perfectly with our wide choice of fabric colors to look beautiful in any home.
  • Cambridge Aluminium Bed

    $133.77$173.36 (inc GST)
    • Extra stiff 2.54cm square aluminium frame with anodised aluminium corner brackets
    • All Cambridge Aluminium Kuranda beds hold up to 80kg.
    • Excellent chew resistance against small and medium size dogs
    • Long lasting heavy duty vinyl fabric cleans easily and dries quickly
    • Perfect alternative for kennels.
  • Standard Kuranda Dog Bed

    $114.46$244.81 (inc GST)
    NOT TO BE USED FOR DOGS OVER 45KG Orthopaedic, supportive, chewproof dog beds with an average rating of 4.73 out of 5 over 1900 reviews. Our unique design hides away vulnerable edges that provoke ongoing chewing, all parts are replaceable. All beds comes with a 1 year chewproof warranty. Please note: The bronze coloured frame is no longer available for purchase, shown images are an example only.